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The Jemima D co-operative is looking for new members

Do you want to go canal boating but thought that you couldn't afford to? We may have the answer.....

Jemima D is a 37ft, 4 (possibly 5) berth, simple narrowboat with no frills, owned and run by a co-operative. What this means is that all members have an equal say in what happens in the co-op, and have to be willing to work together and to participate in decision making. It also means that everyone has an equal responsibility for running the co-op and maintaining Jemima, within the limits of their skills, ability and circumstances.

There are a few particular roles, such as bookings coordinator, webmaster, treasurer and maintenance co-ordinator, that members may take on for a while and then pass on to other members. Twice a year as many of us as possible meet up, bringing food to share, to socialise and discuss co-op business. There is also an e-mail list for discussions and messages.

The Jemima D Narrowboat Co-operative's Aims and Objectives are to own and use the boat co-operatively for members to have non-sexist, non-racist, non-ageist, non-etc, enjoyable holidays on the canals.

There are 12 shares, each costing £1,375 per share (a one-off payment), plus annual subs of £350 which cover regular maintenance, Canal & River Trust (CaRT) licences, mooring fees and insurance. There is also a modest usage cost of £50 per week, or £10 per day, although any consumables bought while on board, such as gas, diesel, etc can be reclaimed from central funds.

Have a look round our website, including the members' profiles, and maybe also have a look at this news article about Jemima (the paintwork has been finished since the photo in the article was taken!). If you are interested and think that you may fit into our way of working, then please e-mail us, telling us a bit about yourself and where you are based.....we look forward to hearing from you!

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