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Below are photos & brief introductions to some co-op members. More will be added as members send them in.

Some of the co-op members, at our meeting in March 2015

some of the members


I have been in the Co-op for over 20 years and have enjoyed gentle relaxing holidays and also challenging excursions with plenty of locks. Here is a picture of me on Jemima's stern in bright sunshine, but it is just as good when it rains! I am currently treasurer of the co-op, as I am not so good at the practical jobs, although I enjoy the regular painting sessions. The gentle pace of boating suits me well and is a good way to unwind. My other interests include archeology and attending or working at festivals, including Glastonbury.

Andy & Julie

Andy and Julie


I first heard about Jemima from a friend who worked at Co-operatives UK and was one of the longest-standing members while she was being refitted. Once this was complete I was first in the queue of prospective new members and have had more than 10 fun years of boating so far.

I spend a lot of my life involved in setting up and running various kinds of co-operative and community enterprise. This ranges from a small film co-op screening 'films for a fairer world' each month in Birmingham to a multi million pound retail society. Of all these co-operative activities, being part of Jemima is amongst the most enjoyable - even when she occasionally breaks down!

Jane & Simon

We joined the coop in autumn 2023. We've lived in a house that backs on to the Stratford Upon Avon canal since 2015 and have always enjoyed watching the boats go past the end of the garden. After spending some time on hire boats we found out about Jemima D online and it sounded ideal for us. We really like being part of a coop where decisions are made collectively and there's a chance to get involved with practical tasks and maintainance. Spending time on Jemima is a wonderful way to slow down for a while. We're looking forward to many more years of being part of the coop.


I'm Martin. I'd always had a yearning to own a narrowboat, and when I saw Jemima moored up on the canal next to my local supermarket in Nottingham, advertising for new members, I decided it was time to grab the opportunity. I had not considered shared ownership previously, but I'm glad I did. It's not just the sharing of the cost. I found the co-operative has been a great community to join. Since buying my share, about five years ago, I have been involved mostly with the engine and maintenace. And as I had access to a Zoom subscription through my work, I volunteered to organise and chair the twice-yearly meetings that we hold online.

Fabienne & Marc

Fabienne and I joined the cooperative in September 2023, having recently returned from a holiday on our local canals around Cheshire and Shropshire (Fabienne had previous experience boating on the Thames and in France). Our son also enjoys travelling on the canals with us and working the locks. We found spending time on a canalboat to be a unique way to slow down and relax. It is also a great way to meet people from all walks of life, holidaying and living on and along the canals. What attracted us to Jemima D was the co-operative idea. We did not like the, essentially transactional, nature of a typical shared ownership scheme. On Jemima D, we all work on and/or for the boat, depending on interest, location and ability. All members come from a diverse range of backgrounds, occupations and are at different stages in their lives, and this makes being part of the co-operative so interesting and rewarding – in addition to being able to cruise along the canals, of course!

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