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This page is intended for any bits and pieces you may want to share: photos, stories, children's drawings; anything to do with Jemima D.

Please send them along and I'll put them here.

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The first contribution is a couple of photos from Steve Plumb. I think that may be Steve under the hair.

Unfortunately Steve hasn't told me when or where they were taken!

Here's a picture from a friend (thanks Keith) showing Jemima D on the Macclesfield Canal at Red Bull, near Kidsgrove. This was on the occasion of a gathering of online canal friends in October 1999. Sue and Neil and myself were there from the co-op.

Here's an interesting one. This picture is lifted (entirely without permission) from the 1991 edition of Nicholson's Guide, North. The boat shown moored is definitely Jemima-D.

On seeing the above picture, John Goodman sends the following:

Here's another example of JD as celebrity. It's the front cover of The Inland Navigator, Penguin, 1986. Jemima on the front cover, I'm certain, with its previous owner at the helm. Credit on the back says "...a narrowboat leaving Salterhebble lock on the Calder and Hebble Canal, near Halifax..."

Here are some photos from Katy and Chris, taken on their Jemima D trip in July 2000.

Jemima D moored at Middlewich in September 2002. The boat on the right, Tam Lin, belongs to friends of Mike & Sue and is moored at the bottom of their garden. An excellent spot all round.

These three were taken in September 2010, when Sue was celebrating her birthday boating on the Caldon.

Liz relaxin' at the mooring, April 2010.

I recently received an email with these three photos..........

............ and this is the text of the email:

“I found the Jemima D page as a result of a google search for a narrowboat of that name. My search was prompted by the discovery of four very old slides in my collection during a mass scanning exercise of my slides, prints and negatives. I was quite puzzled by these pictures as I am familiar with the entire inland waterways network of southern Ireland and a goodly portion of Northern Ireland, and could not identify the location. I do remember taking a trip on an English narrowboat with some friends from Liverpool some time between 1983 and 1988.I was a merchant seaman at that time and often spent weekends in Liverpool while on the Garston-Dublin coal run. I cannot remember the waterway but think it was somewhere near the Weaver Navigation and while I do remember that I travelled with friends of friends who had a share in the narrow boat, I cannot recall any names. I attach three of the photos for your interest and that of Jemima D fans. The fourth photo was taken from the boat's stern and was of even poorer quality than those attached. I would be interested if anyone can identify the location.

Cheers for now and best wishes for a good cruising season,

Joe Carroll”

If anyone knows any more about who the co-op members he refers to might have been, or any other info, let me know & I'll add it here.



I've received an email from a Peter Walker, telling us that he saw Joe Carroll's pictures on our site and that .....

“They reminded me of a location on the Bridgewater Canal, alongside the A56 near Little Bollington (east of Lymm). (I was moored there for a few hours a couple of years ago waiting for an overheating boat engine to cool off - the canal bank and surrounding area was no longer overgrown, and a water point had been installed.)

The building in the background in one of the pictures appears to be what is now the "Olde Number 3" pub.

The satellite view on google maps shows there is an electricity pylon in the location it appears in the picture, and that location would fit with Joe's recollection of being "near the Weaver".

I believe the towpath runs on the opposite side of the Canal - but it appears that then, as now, the offside bank in this location was a popular mooring spot.”

Thanks Peter!

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