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These pages are intended for any bits and pieces you may want to share: photos, stories, children's drawings; anything to do with Jemima D.

Please send them along and I'll put them here.

You can click on the pictures to see larger versions if available, and some will zoom if you hover over them:

The joys of winter cruising - December 23

New Baseplate

Jemima getting her new baseplate in October 2023. Hats off to Charlie at Canal Cruising in Stone who did such a good welding job for us

Jemima showing off her new coat of paint in 2023

Jemima at Froghall

Taken in the summer of 2021, nice to see Jemima 'socially distancing' in the basin at Froghall on the Caldon Canal (a secluded and quiet spot for the night) We are lucky to be able to get through the tunnel to Froghall, but you do need to take the chimneys off the roof first!

Good views of the cosy cabin, thanks to Liz who made the new cushion covers and curtains

New boards at the mooring

Co-op members get involved in looking after Jemima, and this is quite a hard job, fortunately we don't have to do it very often! Here is Richard and friends replacing the deck boards on the mooring during the winter of 21/22

But there are compensations, here are the snowdrops that grow on the bank by our mooring, beautiful...

Xim first trip

After the training given to all new members, and successfully negotiating the four locks at Meaford, Xim and Mark set off on their first trip on board.

Here are a few photos of Jemima at Penkridge

What lovely weather we were having!

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