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Useful canal and boating websites


River Canal Rescue

These are the people we have breakdown cover with

Their 24hr callline numbers are

        But please do read the handbook and/or consult with other members before calling them out, as they charge a callout fee and many problems can be resolved with a bit of know how

    Canal & River Trust (CRT)

    On 2nd July 2012 British Waterways was transfered from government ownership to the Canal & River Trust (CRT), a charitable trust

    These numbers are worth putting in your mobile:

      ∗ CRT 24 hour emergency freephone service (e.g. stuck in lock, etc) - 0800 47 999 47

        Four Counties Fuels

        Fuel Boat Bargus delivers along the Caldon Canal from time to time. The easiest way to follow them is on Facebook ,as the Website is not updated regularly

        They carry Diesel, Gas and Coal and have a very friendly and helpful crew.

        The lovely photo of Bargus is by Kev Maslin Photograpy on Facebook

        Waterway Recovery Group

        The Waterway Recovery Group are a charity that works on restoration of the canals. It's possible to volunteer with them on either a day work party or for a week long "Canal Camp".

        Cutweb Internet Boating Club

        The Cutweb Internet Boating Club is a virtual boating club i.e. it's not centred around a particular boat or location, but it allows members to use visitor moorings at any AWCC (Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs) club.

        BBC Weather


        Met Office Forecasts

        More weather!

        The Canal Shop Company

        This looks like it might be a useful site, and they have a page of further links related to canals and boating

        Canals of the United Kingdom


        Nick's Canal Route Planner

        An interactive guide to the inland waterways of Europe, it plans journeys, calculates the length (distance, number of locks, time taken etc) of your trip and shows gazetteer information on places along the way (pubs, shops and museums)

        Water Explorer

        An interactive waterway map for inland canals and rivers with map or satellite views. When you zoom in far enough, you can see markers for locks, bridges, winding holes and placing the cursor over these markers identifies them

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